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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston: Songbird & Fashionista

 We will miss you but never forget you!

 Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Friday, February 17, 2012

Have A Seat: With studio ten 25

Bye Bye Boring Office

So your home office looks dreadful? You wish it looked more like your style than just books, papers, a macbook and some pens? Well I will give you some simple ideas mixed with some DIY ideas to make your home office be something you want to show off to company!
  • Want a pop of color? Give your walls a fresh coat of a color you love or an easy to do wallpaper with zig zags or other designs.
  •  Have a couch or chairs? Add pillows with different colors and a new slip cover to make your office come alive.
  • Keep a vase or two of fresh flowers. They don't need to be expensive just something to fresh to brighten up your office.
  • Place a rug over your hardwood floors or carpet for another color design.
  • Floating shelving adds more storage and a unique to your office.
  • Have books you enjoy in your office that may have nothing to do with what you are working on.
  • Have a book of inspiration quotes on your desk so whenever you are feeling lost, you have something that will give you a boost.
  • Framed art by artists or your children look great and always give inspiration in a home office.
  • Have an old soul? Grab mix vintage pieces into your decor from a old desk to old chairs.
  • Different lighting can make a room shine. Try a inexpensive chandelier or light fixtures. 
  • Have a funky chair for your statement piece.